the author

Mitchell Kaneff is the first-time author of “Taking Over: Insider Tips from a Third-Generation CEO”, a topic that resonates particularly for him. As Chairman/CEO of the third-generation Arkay Packaging, Mitchell is intimately and professionally all too aware of the stressors and triumphs of life inside a family-owned business.

An industry leader in the value-added carton arena since its inception in 1922 – with a core niche in the cosmetics, health and beauty industries — Arkay has been led by Mitchell since 1997. Guiding it forward and consistently defining and redefining its direction and goals, Mitchell has used his experiences in this privately held family company as a main resource for his book.

Aside from his family, his work, his writing, and his music, Mitchell has spoken at several family business conferences nationwide, as well as been the guest instructor at numerous Columbia Business School classes. In addition to Mitchell serving on the board of Columbia Business School, he is also on the boards of the Alzheimer Drug Discovery Foundation and the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke.

Mitchell lives New York City and is the father of twin boys, who just might be the 4th generation leaders of Arkay one day!