the book

The genesis for Mitchell Kaneff writing “Taking Over: Insider Tips from a Third-Generation CEO” occurred in 1997 when Mitchell was taking over his own family’s business, Arkay Packaging. Navigating the complexities of family fiancees, politics, and emotions, Mitchell knew even then that there had to be a smoother, more effective — and infinitely less stressful — way of dealing with succession issues within a family business. And Mitchell was one of the winners: He had managed to emerge successful! The germ of an idea had taken hold for this book.

No stranger to journaling – an endeavor Mitchell has relished since he was a student – “Taking Over” is a culmination of the many experiences Mitchell recorded over the years. Drawing on his own background, he put all the stories together: His own, as well those shared with him by his friends and associates, who had walked similar paths, but to varying degrees of success… and failure.

With “Taking Over,” Mitchell brings fresh insights and useful tools for people involved in family businesses – regardless of their capacity or level. A book that combines an intriguing and unique use of family anecdotes with Mitchell’s strong business acumen, “Taking Over” is a must-read for anyone involved in – or interested in becoming a part of – a family business today.