"Mitchell’s book provides an insider’s take on very unique aspects of family-run companies. This is a must-read for those who are about to embark on working in family business."
~ Ann Spector Lieff, CEO, The Lieff Company

"Every owner of every small business in America should drop everything an run to get a copy of Mitch Kaneff’s Taking Over. If you manage a small business and want to stay in business, you can’t afford to go another day without this book."
~ Granville Toogood, Executive Coach and Author

"Family business issues are as old as the Bible. What Mitchell Kaneff does with the subject is innovative, clear thinking and sets the stage for future success."
~ Marcy Syms, President of the Sy Syms Foundation and former CEO of Syms Corp

"Coming from a family owned business myself, I’ve learned that with the rewards come the challenges. Kaneff’s book provides the tools necessary to overcome those obstacles, as well as great advice on how to grow a successful business while maintaining its core values and traditions."
~ Donny Deutsch, American advertising executive and TV personality

"Taking Over offers readers valuable and practical information and insight on running a family business in today’s world. If you are a part of a multi-generational company, you will benefit from reading this book."
~ Maximilian Riedel, CEO, Seidel Crystal of America

"Mitchell addresses head-on the inevitable succession issues found in every family business. Whether you’re coming into or phasing out of your family’s business, Taking Over is a must-read book."
~ Jim Warner, Transition Expert and Author

"This is an excellent book with great take-home value."
~ Mitchell Modell, President, Modell’s Sporting Goods

"I wish this book was written 10 years ago – it would’ve been useful for my family and me. Kaneff’s Taking Over is essential reading for every family business member, the earlier the better."
~ Ronaldo Stern, President, H. Stern Jewelers, Inc.

"Mitchell’s book details the opportunities and challenges involved in leading a family-controlled business. Even better, it provides terrific looks and insights to be successful."
~ William Lauder, CEO, Estee Lauder Companies

"Mitchell Kaneff’s advice to family business owners is clear and concise. What’s more, he provides a practical and methodical approach to the offend complicate and emotionally harrowing process of passing on a family business to subsequent generations. Kaneff’s vast persona experience and anecdotal writing style make this book a fun and informative read."
~ Stephen Milstein, Retail and Marketing Management Executive

"Because it is grounded in his experience and in his very real passion for his business, Mitchell’s book is a useful tool for those immersed in family businesses and for those who advise them."
~ Paul Sessions, Director, Center for Family Business at the University of New Haven